London’s appeal is broadened even further by the Next Stage of the Night Tube

London is truly becoming a 24 hour city, with wider choice of areas being served by the 24-hour tube service, thus adding further value to the capital’s vibrancy.

The roll-out of London’s Night Tube continues, broadening the appeal of more areas of the capital to prospective tenants who require easy transport links to work or study in the day time whilst are keen to enjoy its vibrant nightlife.

The Circle and Hammersmith and City lines are set to be next on the list to get the Night Tube in the future, opening up large swathes of east and west London to 24-hour living, and better connecting the City to key parts of the West End.

This should give tenants a greater choice of rental properties across a wider range of attractive locations, helping them enjoy the best of all that the capital has to offer.

The Night Tube really is transforming London, making more and more areas easily accessible any time of the day or night, and along with other major infrastructure projects like Crossrail and Cycle Superhighways, such ‘always-on’ transport links are adding to the capital’s already strong pull. This is particularly true for young professionals and students from around the UK and abroad who come and to live and work here.

All of these developments and improvements mean further good news for prospective buyers and renters, including young families and professionals alike, as transport times fall.

It is clear that buyers and renters should consider upcoming infrastructure plans in any area that they are thinking of moving to.

Existing links and planned developments will have an impact on buyers and renters immediately, for things like commutes and school runs, as well as leisure. Forthcoming improvements will help boost the price of your property in the long run, and help not only first-time buyers but also other individuals looking to transact and climb up the property ladder.

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